Jerry Jones is “very pleased” with the Cowboys ’COVID-19 vaccination rate

Pro Football Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboys live legend Michael Irvin little bangs his former team for not reaching the COVID-19 vaccination threshold at 85% among players allowing the removal of some protocols and restrictions related to the virus before the opening of the training camp on Wednesday.

In order Kevin Patra of the NFL website, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was more optimistic about the situation when he spoke to reporters Wednesday.

“Let me say this about our team and their vaccines. Everyone here, including you, everyone here in what we call Tier 1, 2 or 3, are vaccinated for the most part, if you will give me 99% cum. ‘and for the most part, from that point of view,’ ”Jones explains. “It could be one or two that aren’t. From the players’ point of view, we have what I call ‘in the pipeline’ – this is busy, but at some different stage if they need two vaccines and have one or more they are waiting a period of time to be able to get their vaccine and go through the protocol.We, of our 90 players here, have a handful who, in my mind, still have to commit to this.The handful – and a many are, in my mind, in my mind of that five, they are about to get their vaccine possible.So, this is where we are related to the league at about 77 %.We are very happy where the Dallas Cowboys are as far as keeping our competition going in the coming weeks. ”

Jones added that the Cowboys are on track to “be able to play anyone” they want during the Hall of Fame Game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers on Aug. 5 and also said he thinks “we’re one of the leaders.” as for vaccinations.

Jones ’last comment is not mathematically accurate, as it was reported last Friday that at least 13 NFL teams had hit or exceeded 85% of shots. Those numbers across the league are likely to increase as the training camp approaches and unvaccinated players will face the reality of live and work under similar guidelines to those used last year.

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