James Harden was briefly detained by Paris police

A video showing Brooklyn networks James Harden, guardian of the superstar, and musical personality Lil Baby, apparently surprised by the paparazzi, have gone viral and have made a good laugh in the world of social media:

It seems like things haven’t been all that fun and fun for Harden during his Fashion Week experience.

ESPN reports that Harden, who has been seen with Lil Baby and Kanye West, among others, has been arrested but has not been remanded in custody or arrested by Paris police on Thursday. Harden was on the road when a car was stopped because police smelled of cannabis, which is illegal in France. Lil Baby and two others in the car were arrested, but Harden was let go after he briefly tried to intervene.

Harden and the rest of the Nets have been in the middle of their season since falling to the Milwaukee Bucks in the June 19 playoffs.

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