Hector Santiago will appeal next week

Seattle Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago will hold an appeals hearing on his suspension of 10 games of foreign substances next week, according to The Associated Press (h / t ESPN).

Scott Servais, director of the sailors, said Saturday that he was not sure of the exact date, but believed it would be in the middle of next week.

Santiago became the first pitcher in Major League Baseball to be expelled and disciplined for a violation of foreign substances after referees found he was using a sticky substance on June 26 against the Chicago White Sox.

Crew chief Tom Hallion said Santiago was expelled for “having a foreign substance that was sticky on the inside palm of his glove.”

After the game, the 33-year-old he said anything he used was illegal, adding that he used rosin both on his glove and on hand pitching. However, he was told he could not use rosin on his gloved hand after he was expelled.

Santiago pitched for the first time since his suspension was announced in Friday’s 5-4 win over the Texas Rangers. He shot three in the eighth inning and allowed just one shot.

Before the start of the inning, he pulled the rosin bag off the mound, drawing cheers from the crowd. However, Santiago also got the attention of referees, who had a problem with the color of his glove, who claimed to be gray rather than black. Gray gloves are not allowed.

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