Gymnast Simone Bile retires from the back and from the irregular bars, and she should

You don’t care what he does, eh friend?
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Simone Biles, continuing to deal with the “twisties”, came out of the final of the round and the bars uneven at this weekend’s Olympics, with the plan and the remaining bundle events, for using an unfortunate, airy expression for the greatest gymnast of all time.

The four-time Olympic gold medalist and 19-time world champion has lost her sense of where she is in the air, which is obviously incredibly dangerous for a gymnast. As much as Biles problems have been portrayed as mental health, there are easily perceptible physical consequences to trying to compete for it. You wouldn’t dream of asking, say, a mixed martial arts fighter to enter the octagon if he couldn’t know when he was about to punch you in the face.


Henry Cejudo, former UFC champion and gold medalist in freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Olympics, felt the need to weigh in and a donkey is made known to them.

“I think he needs to check,” Cejudo said, though no one considered his opinion important on the matter, or even knowing who he was before he decided to inject himself into this situation. “I think there’s time for a little hard love. If she was my sister, that’s exactly what I’d do. So, I’ll never say anything I wouldn’t do to my personal family or anything like that. Or even for me, because I think sometimes we need a good kick in the ass. ”

Exactly how “hard love” would help Biles lower the risk of catastrophic injuries due to not knowing where he is in the air on the most complicated moves ever made in gymnastics… is a mystery.

“There are two things that pressure can do,” Cejudo continued. “The pressure could break, or it could make diamonds. Pressure can either blow the pipes or it can create and make diamonds. Choose what you do for it, or what to do with it, remember. ”

Sure thing, man. Thanks for the tips from the cover of the self help book that anyone has ever read. The woman with four Olympic gold medals, 19 world championships, a series of impossible acrobatic moves named after her, and an already closed legacy can surely use this wisdom.

Or, perhaps, consider shut up the cock.

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