Greg Olsen shares “thank you” message with supporters after son’s heart transplant

Greg Olsen shared a message from

Greg Olsen shared a “thank you” message from his son, TJ, (above), who underwent heart transplant surgery over the weekend.
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A few weeks ago, former NFL quarterback Greg Olsen outlined a nightmare scenario for any parent. After eight years of living with heart disease, Olsen’s son, TJ, had a heart that was “reaching its end. “Olsen added that the next step could be a heart transplant.

Friday, family, thankfully, found a donor. Hours later, the boy was able to transplant his heart. “TJ will be sedated for a few days, but his road to recovery has begun,” his father said he tweeted after surgery.

This morning, TJ felt good enough to send a video message to his family, friends and supporters.

“Hello everyone! Thank you for thinking of me, thank you for praying with me,” the boy said from his hospital bed. “We love you!”

Throughout this entire process, there has been a flurry of support for TJ

Before TJ turned 3, he had three open heart surgeries. And the resilience this child has always had is nothing short of extraordinary.

Of course, another statement that Greg Olsen made was directed towards the family that donated the heart. In a post on Twitter, wrote “We also want to ask that everyone take a second to pray for our donor family. Their altruism during a tragic time has given our child a chance at life. We don’t know who they are, but we will always be grateful for every day we had it with TJ ”.

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