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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation engagement came on the first day of the UN Generation of Women Equality Forum in Paris.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $ 2.1 billion over the next five years to help advance gender equality around the world, announcing this commitment during the Generation Women’s Equality Forum in Paris.

During the forum’s opening event Wednesday, $ 40 billion in new investments for women and girls were announced, including a $ 2.1 billion commitment from the Gates Foundation, $ 420 million. dollars from the Ford Foundation and investment by the World Bank for gender equality programs in 12 African nations, forum organizers he said in a press release.

In a statement On Wednesday, the Gates Foundation said its commitment is aimed “at advancing the economic empowerment of women, strengthening the health and family planning of women and girls, and accelerating women’s leadership.” .

“The world has been fighting for gender equality for decades, but progress has been slow. Now is the chance to revive a movement and provide real change,” said Melinda French Gates, co-president of the Gates Foundation. “The beauty of our fight for gender equality is that every human being will win. We must seize this moment to build a better, more equal future.”

The $ 2.1 billion commitment from the Gates Foundation includes $ 650 million for economic empowerment initiatives, $ 1.4 billion for family and health planning and $ 100 million to accelerate the inclusion of women in leadership roles, the organization said.

The General Forum for Equality, which is co-hosted by the governments of France and Mexico, is held from Wednesday to Friday and represents for the first time in 25 years that advocates, governments, civil society groups and partners of the private sector has come together to announce specific commitments and policy actions to advance the interests of women and girls around the world.

The last such meeting was the Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women, which was held in Beijing in 1995 and was attended by thousands of activists.

From that conference emerges u Beijing Declaration is the Platform for Action, which is still considered “the key document of global policy on gender equality,” according to UN Women, and has been adopted by 189 countries.

About 40,000 participants are expected to participate in the General Equality Forum, which is being held virtually due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Melinda French Gates is one of the keynote speakers at the forum. She and her husband, Bill Gates, announced they were divorced after 27 years of marriage last month.

Bill, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, and Melinda, author and businesswoman, announced their divorce in a joint statement posted on their individual Twitter accounts on May 3rd. , but they no longer believe they could “grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

After announcing their divorce, they both continued to work with the $ 50 billion foundation, and again other philanthropic efforts contribute to separately.

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