Free COVID jabs for all Indian adults as Modi salutes the “shield” of yoga | Coronavirus pandemic news

India opens free vaccination to all adults while Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches a silent International Yoga Day.

India has opened free vaccinations to all adults in an attempt to bolster its inoculation unit, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches an International Day of Silent Yoga, hailing the “protective” properties of the practice against and virus.

The country’s vaccination drive has slowed significantly in recent months due to a lack of strikes and hesitations, even as it battled a vicious crisis in April and May that survived the health care system. in many places.

Home numbers have fallen sharply, with the country on Monday reporting 53,256 new COVID-19 infections and 1,422 deaths in the last 24 hours, a government statement showed.

The drop in cases has allowed authorities to ease many restrictions once again, sparking fears of another wave among health experts.

On May 1, the government expanded the implementation of vaccines to include all adults under the age of 45, but states and private hospitals had to procure vaccines for the older age group. small, leading to confusion and deficiency.

A health worker inoculates a man with Covishield during a vaccination camp in Amritsar, Punjab [Narinder Nanu/AFP]

But New Delhi later changed the tap, announcing that it would procure 75 percent of the vaccination supplies and distribute them to states so they could inoculate people with donations.

To date it has administered 275 million shots, with less than 5 percent of people being vaccinated.

The government aims to inoculate all of the nearly 1.1 billion Indian adults by the end of the year.

“The importance of vaccination is expected to pick up speed now … daily vaccination has picked up last week and is expected to be further strengthened,” health expert Rajib Dasgupta told AFP news agency of the community.

“However, both the existing inequity and the hesitation deserve deeper attention to make it a success.”

The gift implementation came when Modi marked the annual International Yoga Day with an early morning address to the nation as it emerged from the deaf, saying the practice had once again proven to be a source of “strength internal “.

“When I talk to front-line warriors, they tell me that they have adopted yoga as a protective shield in their fight against coronavirus. Doctors have strengthened themselves with yoga and have also used yoga to treat their patients, ”Modi said.

Participants, some in protective masks, practice during International Yoga Day in the old quarters of Delhi [Adnan Abidi/Reuters]

Public parks were reopened in Delhi on Monday just in time, but the number of events for Yoga Day has been reduced across the country for the second year in a row due to the pandemic.

Indian media said the capital’s gymnasiums had boycotted the event since authorities did not allow it to reopen.

International Yoga Day – proposed by Modi and adopted by the UN in 2014 – is observed mainly in India, but also around the world on the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Throughout the pandemic, the Indian government has promoted yoga and herbal medicines – whose sales are growing – to protect and give relief to people infected with the virus.

But the evidence is scarce, and claims have been addressed by Indian doctors, who wore black bracelets last month to protest Baba Ramdev, a guru with links to the Modi administration who said yoga can cure COVID -19.

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