Former NFL WR Terrell Owens shows teens what we all know: You can’t cover it

He always understood.

He always understood.
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TO has always understood.

I mean, against teenagers, of course.

The 47-year-old was recently seen on a football pitch greeted by Jackson State coach, and fellow Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders. Sanders invited T.O. to help shape the event.

But it looks like Owens has gone from coach to participant in the field created by high school and junior college players.

Here it is, playing with young ball players. Take advantage.

It’s a fun watch, of course. But is anything like this surprising? It doesn’t have to be.

I have no doubt that he will go against adi-the wide receiver of fame is a great opportunity for a young defender who has probably grown up watching the old T.O. highlights on YouTube (wait, now I feel old). But it takes a certain type of someone to think about being able to compete with any professional athlete, period. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the vast majority of us can’t hang out with professionals. I know, it’s incredibly hard to believe.

Remember earlier this year when you were a high school senior he thought he could take Brian Scalabrine one to one? Yeah, that guy didn’t score a point.

And there always will be that fan who yells “I could do this!” on Twitter or on the coach. No, you can’t, whatever you are.

However, to his credit, there was at least one camper who forced a drop from Owens.. There it could have been more, of course, but the video is only 49 seconds long. The rest of the campers featured in the clip? Well, they didn’t exactly block the retired receiver. And neither do you, friend. You have no ideas.

Asked why he wanted to go against the young ball players, Owens he tweeted “They said they wanted this job!”

Well, they had everything they could handle. I hope they have their popcorn ready.

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