Forecast results for the 2021 NFL holdouts

NFL owners have created a specific language in the collective agreement to try to prevent NFL delays every summer by trying to prevent stellar players from skipping summer practices for contract requests. A few weeks into the minicamp, stars like Aaron Rodgers and Stephon Gilmore jump off the field.

We dive into NFL holdouts throughout the league and examine how each scenario could develop for the respective players and teams.

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, Green Bay Packers

Typically, NFL holdouts skip the minifield and training camp to try to land a contract extension. At this point, the Green Bay Packers wanted that to be the case with Aaron Rodgers. The reigning NFL MVP has sought an extension earlier this season, the franchise has declined. It is he wanted to get out and the Packers ’sudden willingness to give them a long-term deal didn’t change anything.

Green Bay nor will it entertain the thought, you know so much. The Packers can claim Rodgers more than $ 90,000 after missing a three-day minicamp, in addition to the $ 500,000 training bonus he lost to skip the volunteer camp. For every day of training camp he jumps, it’s a $ 50,000 fine and can reach $ 500,000.

Ultimately, Rodgers needs to resolve his differences with the Packers and play the 2021 season or so he should be posted. After retirement it would cost him more than $ 30 million, we predict that Aaron Rodgers will play for Green Bay in 2021.

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