Floods in Germany: Many dead, dozens missing after heavy rains | Weather News

Torrential rains trigger flash floods in parts of western and central Germany, causing property damage and disruption of transportation.

At least six people have been killed and dozens missing after heavy rains have sparked flash floods in parts of Germany, damaging homes and disrupting transport.

Police in the western city of Koblenz said Thursday in a Twitter post that four people had died in Ahrweiler county, with another 50 trapped on the roofs of their homes awaiting rescue.

Many of those reported missing were on the roofs of at least six houses that were swept away by flooding in the municipality of Schuld, where rainfall has swept away rivers, local police said.

Much of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has been hit by heavy rains [Sascha Steinbach/EPA]
Rail, road and river transport has been disrupted [Friedemann Vogel/EPA]

Authorities have declared an emergency in the region after days of torrential rains that have caused disruptions in rail, road and river transport. Large parts of West and Central Germany, as well as neighboring countries, suffered very widespread damage.

Police said an 82-year-old man died after a fall in his flooded basement in the western city of Wuppertal, which was one of the deadliest.

A firefighter was drowned Wednesday during rescue work in the western German city of Altena, and another man was missing in the eastern city of Joehstadt after he disappeared while trying to protect his property from rising waters, they said. authority.

Heavy storms are forecast in southwestern Germany, with continuous rain until Friday evening, the German Weather Service warned in a morning bulletin.

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