Five possible trade scenarios for triple Pro Bowl TE Zach Ertz

As the teams prepare for training camp, the Philadelphia Eagles close out Zach Ertz he is away from the club and the subject of NFL rumors. It’s a matter of when, not if, the Pro Bowl triple selection is moved and could be on a new roster from the training camp.

Once a food in the Eagles offense, Ertz is ready to move on from the organization. Contractual negotiations between the two sides went south last summer, and injuries have led the Eagles to buy the fans ’favor ahead of the NFL’s trade deadline. An agreement was never reached, but the two sides were ready to part in the spring.

Ertz returned to the trade bloc, several teams called and word spread a blockbuster trade was imminent. But Philadelphia would not lower its asking price, convinced that holding it until the 2021 NFL Draft creates a bidding war. Once again, a business never materialized.

With Ertz away from the team and no one was waiting for him to be on the Week 1 roster, an agreement has to happen. When general managers across the league start to look more closely at their lists, the wheels could finally be moving for a deal in a matter of weeks.

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