England fans try to storm Wembley Stadium before the Euro final

The English football association has confirmed that several fans were trying to storm Wembley stadium before Sunday’s Euro 2020 final between England and Italy, according to James Olley of ESPN.

The videos are posted on social media showing groups of fans rushing around the perimeter of the stadium about two hours before the start.

A Wembley spokesman told ESPN:

“We were dealing with an incident that happened in the outer security perimeter area of ​​the stadium, with the support of the police. Security measures were quickly activated in the relevant areas and there were no security breaches of people. without the tickets entering the stadium. “

Thousands of British football fans gathered outside Wembley hours before 3 pm ET start, with several pub meetings surrounding the stadium around 1 am ET.

Wembley will have 65,000 fans by the Euro 2020 final, according to ESPN, and the television audience in England is expected to exceed 30 million, which is more than half of the country’s population.

England have not participated in the European Championship final since 1966, so it can be understood that there has been a lot of excitement in the country.

Queen Elizabeth he also wrote a personal message to the team on Saturday, wishing them good luck in the final.

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