England face UEFA penalty for fans’ Euro ’20 antique laser pointer

Harry Kane puts the PK back behind goalkeeper Kaspar Schmeichel, who was apparently encouraged with a laser pointer by England fans.

Harry Kane puts the PK back behind goalkeeper Kaspar Schmeichel, who was apparently encouraged with a laser pointer by England fans.
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The Three Lions are taking part in a major tournament championship game for the first time since 1966 after beating Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-finals (2021? Anything) – but it is not without controversy. When team captain Harry Kane stepped up for a penalty penalty in extra time, a green laser pointer was aimed at Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

Schmeichel initially saved Kane’s penalty kick, but when he recovered in front of goal, Kane was able to put his own rebound into the back of the net. It would be the deciding point, sending England through 2-1.

Isn’t it nice that fans are back at sporting events? Energy, excitement, noise – personally, I’m a big fan of it. Now, if people could stop trying to fuck us for the rest of us, it would be fantastic.

According to ESPN, UEFA said in a statement: “Disciplinary proceedings have been opened following the UEFA EURO 2020 semi-final match between England and Denmark (2-1), played on 7 July at Wembley Stadium, London.”

Most likely, the English team will face a fine, since the teams are held responsible for the behavior of their fans.

After a year and a half of a global pandemic that has planted all sports, postponed Euro 2020 in a whole year, I understand that the passionate national fan the bases waited a long time to be able to share the experience of watching their beloved teams compete. I also know that the Euros are a very, very big thing in Europe. We also know that the English fanbase, which has been plagued by 55 years of anguish and agony and missed opportunities on the global stage itired of waiting and is willing to rid its demons in the damned international game by any means necessary – but don’t do it that way.

The Mexican National Team is a prime example of fans being idiots. Last month, the team was sanctioned by FIFA for one homophobic singing used by fans during the Mexico national team games, which went on for years. Fans have taken on the horrible tradition of singing a rough translation of “Gay prostitutes”When the opposing goalkeeper puts the ball in play. As part of repeated penalties and warnings from FIFA, Mexico must now play two of its qualifying matches for the 2022 home World Cup without fanatics. Not only that, but they could make their own women’s team serves a part of the punishment for behavior they weren’t even engaged in, because of course the women’s team gets the short end of the stick, like always.

No, the English team does not face such a severe situation as that of Mexico, but fans should be aware that their actions can have a negative impact on the team they claim to support. Fines, penalties, loss of points, and exclusion from tournaments are all in the realm of possibilities if football governing bodies do not believe that fans can control and abide by the rules that are put in place.

It is the selfishness of a few that can ruin it for many. For England, who have finally returned to a major tournament championship game, their fans must hold on together and stop undermining the wonderful run their team is making. Closed key, England.

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