EA Sports Madden 2022 full of incorrect player models

Why do people always buy Madden?

Why do people always buy Madden?
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“EA Sports … it’s a bad game”

The last Madden I played was the 2017 version. Gronk was on stage. That game was frustrating. It was full of bugs, weird animations, and the drag road was impossible to contrast. If I have to believe most of the comments on Twitter, the game hasn’t improved much, if anything, since then. Yet people still buy it. Everyone. Year.

Until EA’s exclusive license to produce NFL games in simulation style is over, the company has no incentive to improve. Recently, EA and the NFL agreed to one extension of its treatment which will go on until 2026. It is true. We have at least five more years to support EA’s incompetence than before maybe we can get another decent NFL video game. Until then, those of us who want to get a real-life football simulation video game using current NFL players and teams should be content with … wait, who in the world could it be?

It’s Mac Jones, the New England Patriots ’first-round pick in 2021. In case you can’t tell by the side-by-side comparison in the tweet, Mac Jones doesn’t look like his Madden counterpart. The former Alabama quarterback has no beard, no dark brown hair, and doesn’t seem to have photos of his old high school friend glued to one of the walls of his basement. As bad as Jones ’rendition is, it’s unfortunately not the worst character model Madden has put out recently.

Have you ever heard of Christian McCaffrey – the 2017 first-round pick for Carolina, who became only the third halfback in NFL history to record 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in the same season in 2019? It’s not scrub. He’s a prolific pass-catcher off the backfield and a 2019 All-Pro. He is considered one of the best offensive weapons in the league today …

It’s also not black.

I know it was a glitch, and his current character model didn’t look like that, but it was too good to jump on. Christian McCaffrey is a much clearer complexion than what Madden 20 portrayed him at launch. Think of a billion-dollar company like EA Sports, whose sole purpose in the Madden series is to create a realistic NFL simulation that could distinguish these kinds of features, and ensure that something similar doesn’t happen. No!

Want more examples? Austin Ekeler and Michael Badgley of the Los Angeles Chargers were hit hard with the “inaccurate visual stick” on Madden 21.

Ekeler is a star in the league. He was right behind McCaffrey in the yard reception in 2019 with 997, so why did he become so despised with that abusive character model? Badgley is also bad. The Chargers kicker appears to be in the process of launching a quest to prevent Frodo Baggins from launching an evil ring into a volcano. Nothing in this looks good. Nothing. It looks like Steve Buscemi played the role of a goblin, and the costume designer only gave up halfway through the makeup session.

2018 Pro Bowler Philip Lindsay was missing his hair and his iconic haircut in Madden 20. He looks more like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones than his current self.

First, Greg Olsen is blonde. Second, he almost never has facial hair. The third, when he has facial hair, is a magnificent beard to rival that of Tom Hanks in Castaway. Not that Pennsylvania Amish chinstrap their character model has.

All these examples are just from u last two Madden Games. I could go even further, and I’m sure I’ll easily find tons of more examples like this. Madden hasn’t been a good franchise for over a decade. We know it can be great (Madden ’08? Fantastic). But with EA Sports pushing more and more every year in its Ultimate Team mode and pushing microtransactions to earn big money, it’s unlikely that Madden will return to his former glory anytime soon. Honestly, I just want to play with real NFL players. I want to feel immersed in a realistic simulation of the NFL. When we were given character models that represented their real-life counterparts and that painting of Tom Brady’s courtroom, breaks the dive. I am no longer invested in the game. Instead, I think about how serious the graphics are, and the mistakes I’ve made in life to lead me to the point that I have now. Nobody wants it.

Register your game, EA Sports.

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