Durant downloads Jay Jay based on Giannis ’story

Kevin Durant once again hearing something about himself in the media that he didn’t appreciate, and you knew it Brooklyn networks star would not ignore it.

ESPN’s Jay Williams recalled on “Get Up!” Tuesday morning was the time he compared Durant once Giannis Antetokounmpo saying that Giannis is like a combination of Durant and Anthony Davis. Williams said Durant took the wind out of the analysis and put it back on a holiday party.

Durant says it never happened. The 11-time All-Star flashed Williams on social media and said Williams fabricated the story.

“Mans will do anything to advance their career in this media s-, wanting to be accepted by an industry that will challenge you whenever you like,” Durant said. he wrote on Twitter. “Keep me out of all that bad stuff – talk about who’s better and left and all that bad stuff. I don’t even talk about it.”

Durant also responded to the clip on Instagram.

“This is af-in lie. Jay Williams can NEVER speak for me, ever …” Durant wrote, via Central Hoop.

Williams used the alleged interaction with Durant to illustrate why he believes KD will have more motivation in the Brooklyn series against the Milwaukee Bucks.

For better or for worse, Durant is more active on social media than most athletes. We saw him recently when he did seemed to threaten a former NBA player named Kyrie Irving. The fact that he went after Williams is not even a surprise.

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