Dozens killed in fuel truck accident in DR Congo | Democratic Republic of the Congo News

The fuel truck collided with a crowded bus near the village of Kibuba about 80 km from the capital, Kinshasa, police said.

Thirty-three people were killed in a horrific collision between a fuel truck and a crowded bus in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the weekend, police said.

The victims were engulfed by a “huge fire sparked by the collision” during Saturday night in the west of the country, Captain Antoine Pululu told AFP’s press department on Monday.

Another police source said the bodies were destroyed by the flames, adding that the remains that had been recovered were buried on Monday.

The hell happened near the village of Kibuba along National Road 1 about 80 km (50 miles) from the capital Kinshasa.

Fatal road accidents are frequent in the DRC, where roads are full of old vehicles that often do not meet safety standards and roads are in a poor state of repair.

An oil accident in October 2018 killed 53 people along another main road in Kinshasa in October 2018.

In 2010, at least 230 people were burned to death when a tanker truck overturned.

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