Dominique Ducharme in discussions to stay Canadiens HC

As the Montreal Canadiens welcomed their average end-of-season availability, general manager Marc Bergevin he said the team participates in discussions cun Dominique ducharme to officially become the team leader.

It was a two-season story for Montreal under Ducharme. As Montreal started strong out the door, a brief series of unexpected losses led to the dismissal of the captain. Claude julien. On February 24, 2021, Ducharme was has appointed the interim leader of the team. However, it doesn’t look like Julien’s shooting has made a big impact on the team’s performance. Under Ducharme in the regular season, the Habs have posted just a 15-16-7 record, securing a playoff spot as the league’s 18th-ranked team because of this year’s divisional lineups. Everything makes Montreal’s run to the Stanley Cup Final, in which the team is still going 13-9, even more impressively.

What Canadians have seen from Ducharme this season, in their eyes, has been enough to earn him the job. While the spectacle on the team’s ice may not have erupted immediately, Ducharme was able to lead the group through a tough first-round encounter against the Toronto Maple Leafs and beyond. Under his tutelage, the team froze at just the right time, losing to a team that has now won Stanley Cup championships in Tampa Bay Lightning.

As the Abbi make an effort to bring their heart back to next season, things may look a little different. The flat salary cap can have an impact on those who can and cannot afford to report. Montreal hopes that by keeping Ducharme in his role, he will be able to snatch lightning in a bottle again by advancing.

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