Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts publicly promotes vaccination after initial “no comment”

Mookie Betts seems to have made a 180 on her attitude toward COVID vaccination.

Mookie Betts seems to have made a 180 on her attitude toward COVID vaccination.
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Mookie Betts was asked earlier this year, before the start of the Major League Baseball season, to get the vaccine.

It was March, and according to the Los Angeles Dodgers defeat writer Bill Plunkett, Betts did not comment when he initially asked if he would take one of the vaccines, which at the time had become widely available.

“The whole vaccine is a personal decision. I’d like to leave him alone at the clubhouse, ”said Betts, which has led many to believe he was skeptical about getting his shot across.

Now, Betts is urging others to get vaccinated, CBS Los Angeles reported earlier today. The Dodgers playground made an appearance at a Ralphs (a supermarket) in downtown Los Angeles with the goal of helping “the vaccination effort in underserved communities.”

“We’re just trying to make everyone understand that we need to get the world back to normal and start with that,” Betts said.

Betts is an athlete who has publicly developed his tone on COVID vaccinations, which we don’t see much of in sports. Famously, many NFL players came out last month and said they either don’t even get the vaccine because they need to “do their own research” Ride sweatshirt o Sam Darnold, or just don’t want to, like Cole Beasley. It has been reported that 65 percent of NFL players have has received at least one COVID fired last week.

For Major League Baseball, 22 of the 30 teams has relaxed its COVID protocols on June 12th. The league said two weeks later, just a few days ago, that 23 teams had reached the 85 percent threshold. On the same day, the law noted in its weekly COVID report that zero positive tests were returned after 1,854 of them had been taken. In total, as of June 25, the league has completed 205,377 tests, bringing back 66 positives (37 players and 29 staffers).

However, there is the apprehension of vaccines in sport, and in the whole world at large. Perhaps Betts, a former MVP and two-time World Series champion, could be another significant voice in the effort.

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