Did Spurs not approve of Hammon as coach for the Blazers?

Becky Hammon was widely considered as a finalist for the Portland Trail Blazers coaching job, but the team decided to go with Chauncey Billups. According to a report, members of the San Antonio Spurs organization may have helped push the Blazers in that direction.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report says that from sources it was said that Hammon was considered favorably by Blazers officials during the interview process. However, when members of the Portland front office got their hands on “San Antonio figures” for intelligence, they did not receive exactly an incandescent report.

According to Fischer, the basic information about Hammon from the Spurs was not “nearly as complementary regarding various aspects of the coaching responsibilities of the day.” Fischer says sentiment has also been echoed by sources around the league.

Because of this feedback, the Blazers became skeptical that Hammon would be the right person to sail through a difficult period in Portland, specifically with Damian Lillard and his reported dissatisfaction.

It’s hard to believe that people with the Spurs would say anything that would deter a team from taking over Hammon. Some wonder if information about Hammon’s shortcomings with the coaching responsibilities of the day may come from the Blazers, who have he was criticized for hiring Billups because of an old case of sexual assault.

Whatever the case, Hammon will probably have to wait until next year for another shot at a coaching job.

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