Devin Booker coming out of the party has Phoenix Suns two wins from the NBA title

Devin Booker and u Phoenix Suns has taken care of business in Game 2 of his NBA Finals game against the Milwaukee Bucks Thursday night.

Looking to take both games home to open the series, the Suns went to the top with a 118-108 score. Despite Giannis Antetokounmpo, twice, NBA MVP running away by 42 points, it was Booker who had the last laugh.

Participating in his first NBA Playoffs, the 24-year-old star guard had to go a long way in that. Booker shot 7-of-12 from three points, scoring 31 points while scoring six assists.

Known primarily for his mid-level play up to this point in the postseason, Booker’s ability to succeed from beyond the arc played a major role in the Suns ’10-point win. He also showed how difficult it is for opposing defenses to plant the former Kentucky star.

The maturation of Devin Booker has the Phoenix Suns thinking about the NBA title

Heading out Thursday, Booker it was average 27.0 points, 6.2 rebounds and 4.8 assists in the playoffs. However, he also pulled a mere 33% from three points away. That is falling in line with its 34% mark from beyond the arc in the regular season.

In fact, Devin Booker had touched more than four triples just once in his previous 17 playoff games this year. Phoenix relies more on Chris Paul, Jae Crowder and Cameron Johnson to hit from afar with Booker dominating the mid-range game.

Now, two wins away from the NBA title, Booker’s ability to extend his game could very well have the Suns clinging on to what would be among the most shocking titles in the Association’s modern history.

This was already a well-rounded team with the veteran Chris Paul does his thing late in games and Deandre Ayton resume their performance in great time in the low place.

Add to that the virtuoso performances we’ve seen from Booker, and these Suns seem destined to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy. If Booker can continue to stay warm from the outside, Milwaukee won’t have much of an opportunity to make this a series.

The NBA world reacts to Devin Booker, Phoenix Suns winning 2-0 in NBA Finals

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