Cops say 4 were shot outside Nats Park in DC – fans were told to stay inside until all; suspended game

Nats told fans not to leave after the hit.

Nats told fans not to leave after the shots were fired.
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A frightening situation unfolded in Washington on Saturday night when guns were fired outside the dance floor during the sixth inning of the Nationals-Padres game.

The players left the field after the top of the San Diego triplet box when they could hear a series of loud booms. While there were storms in the forecast, they had not yet arrived. The incredibly scary part was that no one knew where the sound of the gun was coming from. On the Nationals radio show, it was a very clear series of hits.

The initial DC Police report was that two people were shot outside the National Park, which it has been updated with two other people taking him to hospital with gunshot wounds. It took time, however, for words reach inside the stadium that the incident happened outside on South Capitol Street traffic, and that led to a chaotic scene over the contests.

Amid the chaos of the uncertain situation, Padres star Manny Machado, and reportedly Fernando Tatis Jr., opened the door to the field to let fans find safety in the visiting dugout.

Meanwhile, Nationals starter Patrick Corbin, who had just left the game during the sixth inning, could be found in the room, talking on the phone.

Fans were initially ordered to stay at the stadium because the incident was outside, after which they were asked to leave by the gates of the camp, with the police investigation continuing outside the third base gate.

Deadspin’s Rob Parker was in the game, and luckily, like everyone else on stage, he was doing well.

Of course, the game was suspended, with San Diego holding an 8-4 lead. Will be resumed Sunday afternoon before the regularly scheduled game.

Fans came down to the field during the chaotic moments.

Fans came down to the field during the chaotic moments.
Image: Getty Images

This is a developing story.

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