Colts signed QB Brett Hundley following Wentz’s injury

U Indianapolis Colts have signed veteran quarterback Brett Hundley following the injury of Carson Wentz, the team announced Saturday.

Wentz suffered a foot injury during Thursday’s practice and is out indefinitely. None of the three quarterbacks on Indianapolis ’roster – Jacob Eason, Sam Ehlinger, Jalen Morton – have taken a hit in the NFL.

It is unclear what type of foot injury Wentz suffered. The 28-year-old thought of sending images of his foot injury to Dr. Robert Anderson, a Green Bay-based specialist who is the NFL’s first expert on the foot.

Hundley has been back in the NFL since he was in a fifth round in 2015. The 28-year-old spent two seasons with the Green Bay Packers before being traded to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth round in August 2018. He then moved on. two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals but hadn’t stopped until that point this summer.

Hundley is 3-6 in the NFL, completing 59.1% of his passes for 1,902 yards and nine touchdowns against 13 interceptions.

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