Christian Eriksen was “gone” before resuscitation, says the doctor of the Danish team

Dane Christian Eriksen warms up with his team ahead of Saturday’s game against Finland.
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Fortunately, Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen is alive after suffering what has now been confirmed as a cardiac arrest.

But today, Morten Boesen, doctor of the Danish national team, offered a frightening account of the 29-year-old footballer, saying that he was “work out”Before he was resurrected.

“He was gone, and we had cardiac resuscitation. It was a cardiac arrest,” Boesen said. he said at a press conference. “How close we were.” [to losing Eriksen]? I don’t know. “

Bosen continued. “I got him back after a defibrillator, so he’s pretty fast. I’m not a cardiologist, so I’ll leave the details to the hospital experts.”

At the end of the first half of the opening match of Euro 2020 in Denmark against Finland, Eriksen fell on the field. He received chest compressions and was eventually lifted onto a stretcher.

But before doctors surrounded Eriksen, Danish team captain Simon Kjær was seen stabilizing his teammate’s neck and administering CPR. He also made sure that Eriksen did not swallow his tongue. These initial moves could have saved Eriksen’s life. Meanwhile, the rest of the team formed a perimeter around Eriksen to protect his privacy in the devastating moment.

Once the doctors arrived, Kjær comforted his teammates and Eriksen’s teammate on the field.

After the incident, players were asked if they wanted to continue with the game. At the time, Denmark manager Kasper Hjulmand said he did not think the demand was appropriate.

“The players were in a shock condition,” Hjulmand said. “Players who didn’t really know if they had lost their best friend. And they had to decide between those two things. And I feel like we shouldn’t have had to play.”

The match continued, finally. Eriksen also encouraged his teammates to continue playing.

Finland would have beaten Denmark, 1-0. But what really matters is that Eriksen will do well.

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