China’s ultramarathon probe kills deadly arrests, suicide | China News

Investigators say the tragedy was a public safety incident brought about by the extreme weather and unprofessional organization.

China has punished at least 27 government officials held responsible for last month’s ultramarathon death, the state-run People’s Journal reported Friday, as the government confirmed the suicidal death of a senior county official.

Twenty people died of hypothermia when the extremely cold weather suddenly hit a 100 km (62 mile) marathon organized by the government on May 22 in the northwestern province of Gansu.

It has been one of the deadliest sports tragedies in the world in recent history.

According to reports citing the Gansu provincial government, at least five provincial officials have been arrested.

The head of Jingtai county, where the race was being held, was also fired from his post, the Daily Mail said, citing an information briefing by investigators.

Other notable organizers are the mayor and leader of the Communist Party of Baiyin City, to which Jingtai jurisdiction belongs.

Punishments imposed on officials include assessments of major demerit and disciplinary warnings.

Li Zuobi, the party leader of Jingtai County, also fell from his palace on June 9 and died, state media reported, adding that police ruled out the murder while Li was dead. always investigated.

Officials had initially been strict about Li’s death, leading to speculation that he was connected to the deadly race investigation.

Investigators said the ultramarathon tragedy was a public safety incident brought on by the extreme weather including strong winds, heavy rains and scorching temperatures, as well as unprofessional organization and operation.

China’s sports administration said last week that it will suspend all high-risk sporting events that lack a supervisory body, established rules and clear safety standards.

Stopped activities include mountain and desert track sports, flying winged clothing and ultra long distance running.

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