Caeleb Dressel explains why she gave her gold medal to her teammate

only Villasenor he made some headlines to give his gold medal to a teammate, and he explained his actions.

Dressel won five gold medals during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. His first gold medal came in the 4x100m free relay.

After receiving his medal for the event, Dressel was seen giving the gold to teammate Brooks Curry.

So what was the deal? Curry swam into the team in the preliminary round and helped them qualify for the final. Curry’s 48.84 time was the slowest, so Dressel replaced him in the final and swam the second fastest division of the team.

Even though he didn’t swim in the final, Curry still received a medal for being part of the team helping him qualify. However, preliminary innovators did not receive their medals until later. So Dressel thought it would be nice to let his teammate enjoy him for a while until he got his tomorrow.

“Everyone thought I was just giving away my medal,” Dressel explained in an interview with Mike Tirico. “Preliminary innovators get medals. But I had the easiest job on that relay. Normally the United States takes six types. We only took five this year. So only one guy had the boot – it just so happened to be Brooks. The four rapids advance. So I had the easiest job the night before – I had to watch it on TV. They put in the work to get a way to be a part of that relay. So I wanted him to have his moment. I wanted him to get his medal a little earlier. I had my fun with it, I had it on the podium, and I thought it was worth having for a couple of hours. ”

Although Dressel, who is a captain of the U.S. swimming team, was considerate and respectful of Curry, Curry flatly refused the medal.

“[Curry] in fact he made it. He said, “You need to take this.” This just shows how Team USA works, ”Dressel said.

Curry won his medal. Dressel won four more gold medals, in part for the rest that Curry helped provide. It’s some altruism from a couple of Team USA teammates.

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