Bryce Harper was kicked out of the game due to injury

Phillies star the right field Bryce Harper he was ruled out of tonight’s game against the Dodgers in the fourth inning, he reports Matt Gelb of Athletic. “It looks like he hurt his spine on a swing,” according to Gelb.

Harper was on a day-to-day basis with tight back pain at one point in mid-April, but he only took a day off for the problem. He suffered a terrifying injury later that month, taking one Genesu Cabrera fastball to his left cheek. He actually avoided IL immediately after that, suffering several annoying injuries until the Phillies put him on the shelf due to a left forearm contusion in late May. Phils director Joe Girardi it was not particularly close during this period, so that we know what we will get from Harper’s last injury. The Phillies, playing 4.5 games both in NL East and in Wild Card at the time of this writing, cannot allow an extended absence from Harper.

Meanwhile, we learned today that Phillies shortstop Gregory has learned she was slow to recover from a gum injury due to something called a “pseudogout”. According to the Mayo Clinic, Pseudogout is “a form of arthritis characterized by a sudden and painful swelling in one or more of your joints.” Gregorius last played for the Phillies on May 12th.

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