Bruce Smith says the Bills teams of the 90s had at least one gay player

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib made history last week becoming the first active NFL player to come out as openly gay, but it has been widely presumed for years that players have been open on the subject with teammates and coaches behind the scenes.

Hall of Fame passenger Bruce Smith said recently TMZ Sports the Buffalo Bills teams of the ’90s that famously lost four consecutive Super Bowl games had a gay player who wasn’t openly out to the public.

“I thought it was from the mid to late 90s and I thought we could have had two, but it wasn’t what we were focused on,” Smith explains. “We were focused on winning games, and every person who was in that locker contributing to the goal in hand, who was winning football games. None of those other things mattered. It was about winning football games and trying. to be a good person. ”

He added that coming out of Nassib is a big step for the NFL and towards making such proclamations useless in the future.

“Obviously, we like to see the inclusion part,” Smith said. “We like to see people understand that the world is changing and you have to embrace those who can be a little different and go well.”

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