Best Photo Stories About Black Life Matter, COVID, Opiates, And Syria

It has been another week of deadly and devastating gun violence in America. With people killed by repeated mass shootings and police killing people in the streets, we took a look at the Black Lives Matter demonstrations represented in the country after the death of Daunte Wright and Thursday’s release of videos of the March 29, 13-year-old police assassination Adam Toledo. The footage showed the seventh grader he had his hands up when an officer fatally shot him.

We also explored Britain’s forgotten opioid crisis, the deplorable conditions that immigrants continue to face across the U.S. border, the first three months of the Biden administration, and Susana Vera’s photographs of people living there. struggling to lift the long COVID fog.

In brighter news, Polaroid has announced the return of its circular frame, divers practicing blackwater photography are helping marine scientists gain a new vision of fish larvae, and we’ve taken a very important deep dive. in the early fashion trends that you can see back on the street today.

And last but not least, Ivor Prickett spoke with LensCulture about photography of Iraq and Syria and the end of the so-called caliphate of ISIS.

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