And MLB’s new All-Star jerseys are really terrible

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I usually don’t work too hard on the uniform. It’s probably because the teams I’ve grown up with have never strayed from their usual colors. I can say “Big Blue” and “pinstripes” and you’ll probably know who I’m talking about.

Pretentious New Yorker, I know that’s what you think. Whatever it is.

The point is, those shirts are simple and have been worn for decades. I like that. Maybe you too.

What about new clothes? Well, it’s hit or miss. And, to maintain this metaphor, MLB has hit out on every batter with its release of its All-Star Game jerseys.

These are, um, not great.

MLB All-Stars usually wear their shirts in the mid-summer classic. But, for whatever reason, that won’t be the case this year.

I see this a bit like a cross between the AFC Pro Bowl jerseys 2008 is a spring training jersey. Anyone else? No? Yes, I just saw the floral trim and thought of Hawaii. These ones are not similar to the others.

I know the organizers probably didn’t have much time to prepare considering what the 2021 All-Star game was he left for Georgia in April. But also the 1998 All-Star The uniforms from Colorado’s first time as host are better than this. Can we recycle, please?

It’s fun. Baseball Test (and failure) to sell “America’s hobby.” But, the same day with the outbreak of MLB, the country’s most popular sports league announced that they would allow helmets to return. That move will probably be celebrated.

According to Adam Schefter, the NFL will allow teams wearing gift uniforms to wear alternative color helmets starting in 2022.

To answer the question – they are the Bucs, of course. Still, Seattle’s silver isn’t so bad.

I think the NFL also beats MLB in nostalgia.

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