Alex Cora: There’s no ‘paranoia’ about the rubbing of the signs

While Major League Baseball is trying to navigate its latest scandal involving brooches that use sticky substances to improve their rotation speed, it seems that the rubble of signs is no longer a significant concern.

At least, according to Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora.

“Now, there’s no paranoia,” Cora said, according to Alex Speier of the Boston Globe.

Cora has been suspended throughout the 2020 season for his involvement in the Houston Astros’ scoring steals scandal while serving as the team’s coach.

The Red Devils were also penalized in 2017 for using Apple watch to steal signs, even when it was when John Farrell was manager.

Cora added that from 2017-19 “there was a lot of paranoia” about the theft of signs because many teams were doing it, similar to how many brocades now use foreign substances.

MLB has enacted new rules and sanctions entering the 2020 season to prevent clubs from using video to steal signs illegally and has not given any punishment since.

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