Airbus will increase production of A320 aircraft as a sign of aviation recovery

Airbus has signaled confidence in the aviation industry’s recovery from the pandemic, setting plans for a strong ramp in the production of its popular one-way passenger jets.

The European aerospace group has confirmed plans to increase production of its A320 family of aircraft to 45 jets per month in the fourth quarter, and has told suppliers to prepare to ramp up to a target of 64 per month. by the second quarter of 2023. Airbus said in a statement that it was also exploring high rates of 70 by the beginning of 2024 and 75 by 2025.

The company predicts that the monthly production of its largest A350 jet will increase from five to six months in the fall of 2022.

“The aviation sector is starting to recover from the Covid-19 crisis,” said Guillaume Faury, chief executive.

Faury said the message to suppliers provides “visibility to the entire industrial ecosystem to ensure the necessary capabilities and be ready when market conditions demand it.”

Airbus and its American rival Boeing had decreased production of single and double-decker aircraft by a third and a half last year when the pandemic hit for the first time.

The prospects for a longer-term recovery in aviation are improving with global vaccine development despite regional flare-ups. One of the biggest challenges for the industry is to ensure that its long and intricate supply chains are ready to increase production to meet expected demand.

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