Ainge would have a candidate to join Jazz in the advisory role

Danny Ainge, former president of the Boston Celtics in basketball operations, announced his retirement earlier this month, but it looks like he’s not ready to officially end his post-game career in the NBA.

According to Tony Jones of Athletic, Ainge is a candidate to join the Jazz in an advisory role.

Earlier this month, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer said in the “Podcast by Ryen Russillothat Ainge would be interested in working for the Jazz or Portland Trail Blazers. However, he added that “Utah doesn’t take it.”

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports that Justin Zanik “will continue to manage day-to-day basketball operations as GM, which he has done since Lindsey’s promotion to EVP in 2019.” It seems unlikely that Ainge will join Jazz in a role under Zanik after spending years as Boston’s first manager. However, this is not impossible.

Ainge took over the position of executive director of basketball operations in Boston and was promoted to president of basketball operations in 2008.

Some of the best 62-year-old moves as an executive came during the 2007-08 season when he traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, who teamed up with Paul Pierce to form a new “Big Three” and lead the Celtics to and NBA title. The moves have earned Ainge the NBA Executive of the Year Award.

Before leaving with the Celtics, he had been criticized for not adding another superstar to join Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. According to Bleacher Report’s Farbod Esnaashari, Players around the NBA didn’t trust the Celtics ’management while Ainge was Boston’s president of basketball operations, so it’s no surprise that he has never been able to land an extra piece.

Still, Ainge’s resume is impressive, and he could play with another NBA team this summer. It remains to be seen if Jazz will show any serious interest.

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