5 most expensive Free Fire characters after the last update

Fire Free Garena offers a wide range of characters that have unique abilities. These characters can be purchased using in-game coins, gold coins or diamonds, from the in-game store.

While gold coins are easily obtainable for free, players need to pay real money to recharge the diamonds. Some of the best characters in Free Fire require a large sum of diamonds to be purchased.

This article lists the most expensive characters available in Free Fire since the last OB28 update.

Pricing features in Free Fire after the OB28 update

1) DJ Alok

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

DJ Alok has an active ability known as Drop the Beat. At its base level, this ability produces a 5m aura that increases allied movement speed by 10% and delivers 5 HP / s for up to five seconds.

DJ Alok can be purchased with 599 diamonds from the Free Fire game store.

2) K (Captain Booyah)

K, a jiu-jitsu practitioner, possesses an active ability known as Master of Everything that increases the player’s EP by 50 points.

Allies within a 6m radius will gain a 500% boost in EP conversion rate when in jiu-jitsu mode. And psychologically, K will reset 2 EPs every three seconds with up to 100 EPs. Also, it takes about three seconds to finish the mode change cold.

K can be obtained for 599 diamonds from the Free Fire game store.

3) Chrono

Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

Chrono possesses an active capability called TimeTurner. At its default level, this ability generates a force field that blocks enemies from dealing 600 damage. Within the force field, players can shoot at their enemies, and their movement speed increases by 5%. The results lasted three seconds with a 200-second refresh rate.

Chrono can be obtained from the Free Fire magazine section for 599 diamonds.

4) Skyler

Skyler ‘The active ability is known as Riptide Rhythm. At its initial level, this skill generates a sound wave that destroys five gloo walls in 50m. HP recovery increases by 4 points with each gloo wall deployed, having a recovery time of 60 seconds.

Skyler can be purchased from the Free Fire online store for 499 diamonds.

5) Xayne

Xayne in Free Fire
Xayne in Free Fire

Xayne’s active ability is known as Xtreme Encounter. At its default level, this capability provides the player with 80 HP for a short duration. In addition, the gloo wall and shield damage increase by 40 percent. The effects stop for 10 seconds, with a recovery time of 150 seconds.

Xayne can be purchased for 499 diamonds from the in-store store.

Disclaimer: This article does not list the characters in a particular order of classification.

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