5 best sources to get Free Fire diamonds for free in July 2021

Free Fire diamonds are needed to make the most of purchases, ranging from essential vouchers to characters. Make this virtual currency one of the most valuable possessions in the game.

Diamonds have to be purchased at a cost that not everyone can afford. As a result, many are looking for ways to get free articles or this free online game.

Top five ways to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire

1) Gifts

Gifts (Image via YouTube)
Gifts (Image via YouTube)

Gifts are the easiest way to get diamonds in Free Fire. Many YouTubers organize regular gifts where they provide users with currency.

However, there is no guarantee that players will receive the coin in play.

2) Booyah application events

U BOOYAH!  application (Image via Play Store)
U BOOYAH! application (Image via Play Store)

Booyah is a dedicated platform for video games by Garena. Often, numerous events and challenges are available on the platform that allow Free Fire players to get in-game items and sometimes even diamonds.

Often, they need to keep the clips for a certain period of time or even upload their clips.

3) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Awards (Image via Play Store)
Google Opinion Awards (Image via Play Store)

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that offers Google Play users credit for relevant surveys. First, they need to download it and then configure their profiles by answering the basic questions.

After that, they will receive various inquiries, and the completion of the net player credits. It is important to note that the rewards for inquiry will vary.

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4) GPT sites

Swagbucks (Image via Swagbucks)
Swagbucks (Image via Swagbucks)

GPT websites essentially provide rewarding users with complete skills, including downloading applications, answering quizzes and surveys, and even more.

There are several sites available, such as Swagbucks and Prize Rebel, to name a few. The payment methods available differ from site to site.

5) GPT App

These are like websites mentioned above, but only in an application form. Some of these apps, like MistPlay, require users to download and play new games to earn rewards.

At the same time, other apps like Poll Pay require you to respond to the survey and do other activities.

Note: Users must go through the privacy policy and terms of service of the application or website before using it.

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