22 MLB clubs now have 85% of the vaccination limit

COVID-19 vaccination rates in MLB are expected to slow considering how many shots have been available for adults across the United States, but the league and the MLB Players Association continue to provide positive updates regarding an uninterrupted season.

MLB and MLBPA announced Friday that 22 clubs have now reached the minimum vaccination rate of 85% against coronavirus among Tier 1 individuals including players, managers, coaches, trainers and other essential employees who have direct contact with the players. Twenty clubs were present to the vaccination mark of 85% which allows for the release of certain health and safety protocols at this time last week.

In addition, 83.7% of all Tier 1 employees are now considered commonly vaccinated against COVID-19, up from 82.9% last Friday.

Only a new MLB player and staff member tested positive for the virus last week. An MLB player and a Triple-A player recorded positive results in the previous round of testing.

Unvaccinated players or other personnel testing positive for COVID-19 should be isolated for a minimum of 10 days before they are cleaned to return to team activities.

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