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Hair spaces due to dandruff, causes of hair loss and methods of treatment

Many people, especially girls, are looking for ways to treat the problem of hair spaces due to dandruff through social networking sites, due to the fact that dandruff is one of the most important factors that lead to the occurrence of hair to a large extent, which brings about a feeling of distress and affects the health and psychological state, as a result of its daily loss, which results in There are spaces, so in order to overcome this problem, a proven method must be followed to ensure the result via the site Ocean.

Hair spaces due to dandruff

This is one of the most distressing problems that affect mental health. It is normal for hair to fall out on a daily basis, however, losing a greater amount may cause voids, and this is an issue that affects both men and women.

But studies have confirmed that dandruff is not a cause of hair loss, as rubbing damages your hair follicles, and this results in the loss of more hair and causes voids.

However, the first step in dealing with this problem is to determine what is happening inside the body, as each individual loses it as part of his natural growth cycle, which occurs in 3 stages:

  • growing period: It indicates the period of active hair growth, and this stage can continue from two to eight years.
  • retraction period: It is a short transition period that lasts up to 3 weeks, during this period, the hair stops growing and prepares to fall out.
  • Completion period: It is part of the hair cycle when it is expelled from the follicle. After it occurs, the follicle remains dormant, usually for a period of approximately 3 months, before new hair begins to grow.

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Causes of hair spaces and ways to treat them

Here are seven reasons why a person suffers from this problem and how to treat it:

Low-protein diets

The person not getting enough nutrients, specifically protein, is a motive for this problem. It is considered the principle of building hair, because it consists mainly of a protein known as keratin.

The protein that a person eats takes precedence in the main bodily functions, and hair growth does not have this priority, and this prevents the body from growing new hair, which affects the hair strands and the presence of voids in it.

How to treat

It is recommended to eat sources rich in protein, including the following:

  • Meats that do not contain fat, for example beef, lamb and veal.
  • Poultry, chicks and turkeys as well as ducks.
  • Also fish and seafood.
  • Next to it the eggs.
  • Dairy products.
  • In addition to nuts and grains, for example almonds, walnuts and sunflower kernels.
  • Also beans, lentils and peas.

Hair spaces after childbirth

During this period, a woman may experience excessive hair falling out, which is known as the hair fall.

This is caused by low estrogen levels after the fetus is born, and this is common in new mothers, and this problem may peak around 4 months after delivery.

How to treat

One must be patient until the body returns to normal, usually, the problem will resolve on its own within about a year, and it is also possible to take biotin supplements during this stage, which may help in treating these voids.

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Hair holes due to stress

There is a strong connection between the mind and body, and this factor could be enough to cause this problem.

How to treat

A person should try to manage their stress levels and these voids will resolve on their own in a timely manner, however, it is also possible to try products, for example Rogaine, in order to stimulate faster regrowth.

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Hair spaces due to dandruff
Hair spaces due to dandruff

Heat damage

If a person straightens his hair or uses other hot combing tools for many times, this may lead to hair damage, because heat styling can result in brittleness and weak hair.

How to treat

It can be hard to stop using heat styling tools, but the more you use them, the more hair breakage.

You should avoid using a straightening iron for a few months, after that, you should try to reduce the temperature of the tools to 350 degrees and use them only once during the week.

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Hair spaces due to dandruff
Hair spaces due to dandruff

genetic baldness

It is a genetic condition known by other names, for example, male or female baldness, and at a time it can cause its occurrence and baldness,

It may first notice the presence of voids, and this condition is caused by dihydrotestosterone, and may begin in the early period of adolescence, but the risk increases with age, and once it is started, it continues for the rest of life unless treated.

How to treat

This problem is treated with a product, for example Rogaine, in order to stimulate growth, there are also medical options, for example Minoxidil as well as Propecia.

For this, a person may be required to visit a dermatologist in order to assess the condition of the hair fall and discuss the appropriate procedure, and it is also possible to try nutritional supplements, for example Naturaful, which have been shown to help with hair growth.

Hair spaces due to dandruff
Hair spaces due to dandruff4

Medical condition for hair voids

Some medical conditions or deficiencies can lead to this problem, examples of which are:

  • Anemia occurs.
  • Or a deficiency in vitamin D.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.

How to treat

The only way to treat this problem caused by a medical condition is to correct the underlying problem, whether it is with prescription medications or nutritional supplements.

A diagnosis of the above medical conditions can be obtained with a routine blood test.

The problem of hair spaces due to dandruff is one of the most common problems that frighten many people, as dandruff is a disorder that occurs in the scalp due to many factors.

Which includes dry skin as well as irritated oily skin, so everyone who suffers from this problem must hurry to treat it because it can result in baldness.

What are the causes of hair loss and treatment?

The presence of a defect in the thyroid gland – severe defect in the immune system of the body – pregnancy and childbirth – severe infections in the scalp cause hair loss.

What is the main cause of hair loss?

The cause of hair loss is a lack of vitamins, amino acids, iron and other elements that regulate the vital functions of the body. The method of treating hair loss varies depending on the person and the situation. When the volume of hair loss is severe, there may be conditions such as baldness, which can be serious aesthetic problems.

What are the signs of hair loss?

Gradual thinning of hair at the top of the head. Circular or patchy bald spots. Sudden hair loss. Whole body hair loss. The spread of scaly patches on the scalp.

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