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What are carbohydrates and the most important types?

Some people wonder what carbohydrates are? Find out about it on the site OceanIt is one of the parts of the daily diet, and it is an essential part of it, as it is up to 60% of what a person eats on a daily basis, and when an individual eats it in excess of his daily need, it is stored in the liver, and it is transformed into fats. It contains many vitamins as well as minerals and fiber that the body needs, but it should only be eaten in moderation.

What are carbohydrates?

Also known as carbohydrates, it is the main source of energy for the body, and it includes simple carbohydrates “sugars”.

As well as complex carbohydrates, in addition to fiber, which is one of the substances that the body can use immediately or exchange it into a storable form known as glycogen, and the body also converts the excess into fat.

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What are carbohydrates?
What are carbohydrates?

Sources of carbohydrates

It is one of the most important sources of energy in the human body and is very rich in carbohydrates, and it is necessary for brain health, and it is considered the main enemy, for weight loss and diets, as they refrain from eating them, unaware, that they are thus harming their bodies.

It has many sources, including the following:

  • Foods that are rich in carbohydrates.
  • As well as whole grains.
  • and rice.
  • Next to it potatoes.
  • Pasta, bread.
  • As well as grain products.
  • Barley and wheat.
  • Assorted honey colours.
  • vegetables, and corn.
  • and fruits.
  • And vegetables of all kinds.
  • And beans and cowpea as well as chickpeas and lentils.
  • It is also one of the most important sources of dairy products.

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What are carbohydrates?
What are carbohydrates?

What are the most common types of carbohydrates?

They are organic compounds that have many primary functions and taste delicious. They are used to sweeten foods and drinks, and they have many colors, but the most important of these colors is glucose, because it helps provide the body with energy, which it requires and its colors include the following:

simple carbohydrates

It is the type that contains starch that is changed into sugars, which provide quick energy to the body, as they are small molecules that are easy to disassemble, and there are no fibers and other nutrients that the body needs, including fructose.

As well as the sugar of barley, cane, and beetroot, in addition to milk sugar. These simple types are known as mono-starches, as they cannot be broken down by the water reaction into simpler sugars, including glucose, fructose, and so on.

binary carbohydrates

A compound that arises from the process of uniting two colors of mono-starches, one of which is glucose. It also includes roasts with two to six mono-fraction units, and it includes sucrose cane sugar, as well as maltose, malt sugar, beside that lactose, milk sugar.

Compound carbohydrates

They contain three colors of sugars, as they include starch, which is converted into sugar, and two colors of fiber: dietary and functional fibers, and this is in contrast to the simple type of them whose molecules are huge, and require energy.

This is in order to decode the colors of the sugars in them, such as grains and rice, as well as bulgur, wheat, and some vegetables, for example potatoes and sweet potatoes, and help clean the body and get rid of waste before it reaches the milk.

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What are carbohydrates?
What are carbohydrates?

The main benefits of carbohydrates

It has many benefits and advantages for human health, some of which are as follows:

  • They have high benefits, so it is recommended to eat six sensory ones on a daily basis, as they contain slow-absorbing sugars.
  • It is also a source of energy that the basic body requires, and maintains the blood sugar level.
  • It also helps reduce fat, because it does not contain oils.
  • In addition, it is a source of fiber necessary for the body, as it is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins.

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Top tips for eating carbohydrates

There are some guidelines to keep in mind when taking it, including the following:

  • It is recommended when eating it to have a larger amount in the morning, especially the compound one, because the body has enough time throughout the day.
  • In order to be digested, it is recommended to eat a moderate amount of it, as the body needs at noon.
  • It should be avoided throughout the night, as it leads to weight gain.
  • Whole starches should also be eaten, because they are the best types, for example wholemeal rice, oat bread, as well as brown bread, potatoes and spread.
  • It is also preferable when cooking it to use low fat, in order to avoid gaining weight, out of increased calories. It is preferable to roast potatoes in the oven, from which potatoes are prepared, as well as rice and bulgur.

What are resistant starches?

They are types of them that pass into the large intestine, without being digested, for example, legumes, as well as dried beans, wheat, etc., because when heated, they are digested faster.

What carbohydrates make you gain weight?

The foods that contain a large proportion of them are not only rich in calories, but rich in nutrients, for example vitamins and minerals, and the most important colors of starchy foods that increase weight are as follows:

  • quinoa;
  • As well as dried fruits, for example, apricots, raisins and figs
  • Starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn.
  • Beans, from which black beans are made.

What are carbohydrates that lose weight?

The best healthy types of weight loss are as follows:

  • Whole wheat pasta, along with legumes, for example beans and chickpeas, as well as lentils and peas.
  • Whole wheat bread.
  • Fruits: such as bananas, cherries and apples.
  • Vegetables: including broccoli and cabbage, as well as turnip and cauliflower.
  • Buckwheat, plus wheat bran.

What are carbohydrates, and what foods are in them? This is one of the things that many people care about the most, due to the fact that the human body requires a lot of nutrients in order to perform the main vital functions.

For example, breathing, movement and excretion, carbohydrates and the foods that contain them may be considered among the most important foods necessary for human health.

What foods contain starches?

chickpeas; lentils; peas; Beans of all kinds. Pumpkin. Maize. Regular potatoes. sweet potato.

What is meant by carbohydrates?

It is where our bodies get energy from food. There are three types of starches: starch, sugar, and fiber. There is a lot of starch in things like potatoes, flour, rice, and pasta. Sugar is found in soft drinks, sweets, and in most processed and refined foods.

What are the best carbohydrates that lose weight?

Oats make you feel full for long hours and also eliminate the desire to eat fatty foods. Bananas are rich in fiber essential for the normal functioning of the digestive system.

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