The most famous names of vitamin D injections for children

The most famous names of vitamin D injections for children

Vitamin D injections for children are very useful, and their effectiveness lasts up to three weeks. It is prescribed by the doctor to some children in the event of a delay in the natural growth of the child or a delay in the emergence of teeth or what is known as teething, a delay in walking or exposure to vitamin D injections for children with soft bones.

Vitamin D syrup for children

Vitamin D injection for children
Vitamin D injection for children

All vitamin D or vitamin D supplements are common supplements that children take, because it helps the body absorb and retain calcium and phosphorous to strengthen bones.

It is worth noting that the appropriate dose of some vitamin D supplements for children adheres to many factors such as the health status of the child and the nature of the diet, which requires consulting a specialist about the appropriate dose of all vitamin D supplements.

For example: in the event that a newborn child is fully consumed by mother’s milk, it is necessary in this case to take some vitamin D supplements to ensure that the infant receives the necessary amount of vitamin

Because breast milk does not completely contain vitamin D, in this case, the mother must take a sufficient dose of vitamin D supplements to raise the level of the vitamin.

Imported Vitamin D Injection Name

Vitamin D injection for children
Vitamin D injection for children

There are many types of imported vitamin D injections, and there is not one type. All of them are available in pharmacies, and the name of these imported injections is:


  • It is 1 ml needles, the country of origin for this type of injection is the state of India, the price of the box is approximately $ 70, and the shelf life is up to 24 months and it is of high prevalence and the manufacturer of these injections is Labourate Pharmaceuticals India ltd

Arachitol 6 ml injection vitamin d3

  • The active ingredient in this syringe is Vitamin D and it is manufactured in India.
  • This injection is used to absorb calcium from the body and this mineral is necessary to maintain the bones of the body
  • This injection is used in the event that the diet does not provide enough vitamin D and can be used to treat bone conditions.

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Vitamin D injection 300,000

  • Vitamin D injections have many health benefits, as they are used in all cases of vitamin D deficiency. In addition, this injection is taken to reduce the occurrence of rickets and osteomalacia that affects adults and children
  • These injections are used to get rid of disorders that occur in the thyroid gland, and one ampoule of this vitamin contains cholecalciferol in a high amount that exceeds 7.5 mg, which is approximately 3000 international units.

Vitamin D injection 200,000 units

These injections are known as Devarol and are used to treat osteomalacia, rickets and depression, but there are all the side effects resulting from these injections, which are:

  • Always feeling sleepy, confused and lethargic.
  • Constant constipation.
  • High level of calcium in the blood.
  • The feeling of vomiting and having severe and uncontrollable nausea.
  • Dry mouth as it always leads to increased thirst.
  • Severe stomach pain.
  • Significant loss of appetite.
  • The occurrence of a rash, which makes the body in poor condition.
  • muscle weakness;
  • exposure to kidney stones.
  • Exposure to skin allergies and the occurrence of some infections.

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My Experience with Vitamin D Needles

My experience with vitamin D needles found that they are very necessary for the body and help the body absorb part of the vitamins that can be absorbed without vitamin D,

I also felt that it provided my body with strength and the ability to do all my work without feeling tired and tired. These injections contain cholesterol, which is one of the substances that contain vitamin D.

When does the effect of the vitamin D injection begin?

The time it takes for a vitamin D needle to start working varies, depending on many factors, including:

  • The current level of the vitamin in the body.
  • The extent to which the child’s body can absorb the vitamin.
  • The dose prescribed by the specialist doctor.
  • The extent to which many other means of obtaining vitamin D are used, such as: sunlight and food.
  • It may take many weeks and months, up to two or three months, to increase the level of vitamin D in the body.

Vitamin D needle price

  • The price of a vitamin D needle varies from one pharmacy to another, as its price ranges from 280 to 300 Egyptian pounds, and it is available in all pharmacies.

Vitamin D injections for children

Vitamin D injection can lead to many common side effects which include:

  • Feeling a slight headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Feeling sharp pain in the abdomen.
  • Being constipated.
  • Severe pain at the injection site, sometimes causing redness.
  • Dry mouth which leads to always feeling thirsty.
  • Anorexia.
  • Exposure to an upset stomach.

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At the end of the article, we talked about all the vitamin D injections for children, their harms, benefits and price in pharmacies, and the experience of people who have tried this injection for their children, and we talked about this imported injection and when it begins to take effect.

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