cbc analysis for children

cbc analysis for children

cbc analysis for children via the site Ocean We give you all the information related to this analysis and the reasons for requesting it for children. If you have children and want to know the necessity of doing this analysis, or it was requested from you and you want to know information about the cbc analysis, follow this article with us and you will find everything you are looking for on this topic and answer all the questions that you may have Think about this analysis

cbc analysis for children

cbc analysis for children
cbc analysis for children

It is an important analysis that is requested by most doctors to ensure the complete health of children by seeing the blood picture and if it indicates the presence of a disease to be treated as soon as possible. Among the most prominent of these diseases that many children are exposed to,

  • Anemia and anemia, and then they must be given appropriate iron treatment to avoid this disease at an early age.
  • This analysis is requested to investigate some things, including the level of glucose, and the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • The CBC test measures different blood cells from red blood cells that deliver oxygen to the body, white blood cells that help the body fight infections, and platelets that work to clot and stop bleeding.

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Preparing the child for analysis cbc for blood

  • The child must be fully prepared to undergo this analysis, and he must be in his normal state and not suffer from severe health problems.
  • He should be able to eat normally and drink without problems.
  • The doctor must be informed if your child is taking some medications for any disease, because there are some medications that may affect the result of the analysis, to be aware of them to obtain stable results.
  • You should tell your doctor if your child has recently had a blood transfusion because this also affects the required CBC test.

risk analysis cbc for kids

Before doing the analysis, most may wonder how dangerous it is for children. Is there a risk when doing this analysis, or is it safe for all children and everyone can do it without any problem? This important question can be answered in several points.

  • CBC analysis for children is considered one of the procedures that contain minimal risks, unlike other medical procedures, as it is very safe for children.
  • However, in some cases, some children faint or dizzy, and they are a few that are not among the symptoms that affect most children who are subjected to this analysis.
  • If your child is a teenager or has a fear of needles in general, he may show some symptoms as a result of his fear of undergoing the analysis, the doctor can be told to do so to facilitate the procedures.
  • The appearance of a small bruise after the analysis, but it is not dangerous, it goes after the analysis in a short time, it does not last for a long time or poses any danger, and if it continues for longer than a week, you can ask a doctor.

The correct way to perform the analysis

  • Stretching the area located above the child’s hand in order to inflate the vein to facilitate taking the sample from it, so it becomes more visible without going back to the heart.
  • The area from which the sample is drawn must be carefully sterilized using alcohol, after which the needle is inserted and the desired sample is withdrawn and placed in the test tube.
  • Remove the bandage and put pressure on the area from which the sample was taken in order to stop any bleeding that may occur.
  • The test tubes are closed tightly to be sent to the laboratory to obtain guaranteed results immediately after the sample is withdrawn, because the analyzes spoil and are inaccurate if a period is placed after the sample is withdrawn without conducting the analysis.

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Reasons for conducting an analysis cbc for blood

cbc analysis for children
cbc analysis for children
  • The CBC analysis is requested to ensure the general health of the individual as a routine measure only to be reassured and to monitor public health.
  • Diagnosis of some cases if a certain disease is suspected of vitamin or mineral deficiency, bone marrow failure and other diseases.
  • Monitoring some cases that suffer from blood disorders to see if the condition is improving or getting worse.
  • Monitoring the effects of some medical treatments that are tried on some people, such as chemotherapy, which patients undergo with cancer and malignant diseases, as well as antibiotics and their effect.

At the conclusion of this article, we hope that you liked it and gave you all the information you need to know about the CBC analysis for children,

The important information on this subject and that you like the method in presenting the information in a simplified and fast manner without prolonging you, and we wish you and your children continued health and wellness always and forever.

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