Treating diarrhea in newborns with natural herbs

Treating diarrhea in newborns with natural herbs

Diarrhea in newborn infants across the ocean in detail, diarrhea is one of the common diseases that affect children after birth and has many different causes, as well as the type of diarrhea varies from one child to another. There is acute or chronic that requires quick medical intervention, and the mother must be able to differentiate between these types In order to deal properly with her child, we will discuss this important topic during the article.

Diarrhea in newborn infants

Diarrhea in newborn infants
Diarrhea in newborn infants

Babies often get diarrhea as a result of the inability of the digestive system to perform its function fully and to cope with the changes that occurred in the child’s food,

Below we will learn about the form of diarrhea in newborn infants to differentiate it from normal stool:

  • The baby’s stool turns liquid or mucous and is more water-like.
  • Most of the baby’s diarrhea is absorbed by diapers, and we can notice some minor residues.
  • The stool of a normal child is soft and yellow, especially in the case of breastfeeding, so it must be differentiated from diarrhea.

After identifying the form of diarrhea in newborn infants, it is necessary to know the causes that lead to diarrhea and identify them in the following points:

  • In some cases, breastfeeding causes the child to have diarrhea.
  • The digestive system of a newborn baby cannot cope with the changes that occur to it at first.
  • Some children have had an intestinal infection.
  • Breastfeeding milk contains an amount of the sugar lactose, which can be difficult for a baby to digest.
  • Failure to sterilize artificial feeding equipment well and cause contamination to the baby.
  • Formula milk contains a range of formulations that may cause diarrhea in infants.
  • The mother treats cases of constipation in newborns by giving him laxatives that may reverse the problem and cause diarrhea.
  • The antibiotics your child might take to treat any other illness can cause diarrhoea.
  • Baby can teeth early.
  • Vaccinations are one of the causes of diarrhea in newborns.

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How long does diarrhea last in infants?

Diarrhea in newborn infants
Diarrhea in newborn infants

At the beginning of his life, the child is exposed to digestive problems, especially diarrhea or constipation, and diarrhea may continue for a period with the infant, and this period depends on the type of diarrhea, which we explain below:

acute diarrhea

  • This type lasts with the newborn for up to two weeks and may not need the use of medications or treatment and can only be breastfed.

persistent diarrhea

  • This type is similar to acute diarrhoea, but it can last longer than two weeks.

Chronic diarrhea

  • This type is one of the most severe types of diarrhea that affects newborns because it takes a long period that can reach a month or more and may be continuous or intermittent.
  • This type needs medical examination and appropriate treatment for the child’s condition.

Treatment of diarrhea in infants in the first month

The treatment of diarrhea in newborn infants depends on the type of diarrhea, as there are some mild types that do not need a doctor and can be dealt with by the mother as mentioned previously. Here are some tips that contribute to its treatment:

  • The mother should continue to breastfeed her baby or formula as it does not increase the diarrhea.
  • The mother notices an increase in the number of diarrhea, and in this case the child can take a rehydration solution to compensate for the lack of fluids.
  • In the event that diarrhea is accompanied by regurgitation, the mother should reduce the feeding time so that the child does not vomit.
  • The child gets infections in the diaper area due to a lot of diarrhea, so this area must be taken care of and a suitable type of cream should be used to treat infections.
  • To prevent infections in the diaper area, it is also necessary to pay attention to changing the diaper whenever the mother feels that the child is pooping in it.

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Infant diarrhea is yellow

The mother is worried when the stool of the infant is yellow, but this matter is significant and may be normal and there is no need to fear, as:

  • When the stool is yellow in infants, this indicates the rapid movement of milk within the child’s intestines.
  • Stool turns green if the milk is slow moving through the intestines.
  • The yellow color of the stool is normal in most cases, but if there are other changes such as mucus or blood, or it looks like water, this indicates the presence of diarrhea.

Normal diarrhea how often in infants

When the mother notices some changes in the stool of the child, which we mentioned earlier, attention should be paid to the number of times the child has stools to determine if this diarrhea is normal or diseased:

  • The number of times a normal child has a bowel movement varies between two to five times during the day, as it varies from one child to another according to the amount of feeding.
  • This process increases in the case of diarrhea in newborn infants to two or more times the number of normal times in the process of excretion.
  • The infant at this stage is exposed to diarrhea, which is one of the symptoms that may accompany various diseases.

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Herbal treatment for diarrhea for newborns

We always advise in the case of chronic diarrhea in newborns that a special pediatrician is reviewed to determine the cause and treat it in the right way. There are some herbs that are used to treat mild cases of diarrhea, including the following:

caraway oil

  • Caraway oil is used in the process of massaging the child in the abdominal area. It works to relax the child as well as treat bloating and diarrhea.
  • It is used by adding two drops of oil to a cup of warm water and massaging the child’s abdomen with clockwise and then warming the child well.

fennel tea

  • Prepare by adding a teaspoon of fennel to a cup of hot water and covering the mixture for 10 minutes.
  • It is preferable for the child to take the tea before feeding a sufficient period of about an hour.

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Previously, we learned about diarrhea in newborn infants and the most important reasons for which diarrhea appears. We also explained its form, number of diarrhea times in children, and treatment tips so that the mother can deal with this condition correctly until the child is fully recovered.

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