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Treating diarrhea in children with starch

Treating diarrhea in children is one of the most common topics that should be talked about, since children are more likely to have diarrhea than adults and it may not be possible to control diarrhea in a child easily, but through this article we will review with you more than one way to treat diarrhea such as Treatment with starch or herbs, you can also go to the doctor and use one of the medicines that we will mention now.

Treating diarrhea in children with starch

Treating diarrhea in children
Treating diarrhea in children

Many children have diarrhea, which may be simple at times and at other times become more severe, so the mother must try to use simple home methods to treat it

But if it does not stop, you must go to the doctor quickly so that the child does not become dehydrated.

The mother should provide the child with water and fluids to compensate for what his body lost during diarrhea, and one of the most important and simple home methods that have been used since ancient times is starch to treat diarrhea.

If your child is getting used to food and has diarrhea, he must bring a glass of water and add to it a tablespoon of starch powder and the juice of half a lemon, then stir well to the mixture.

And try to give it to the child at intervals so that he is not disgusted by its stinging taste and you will find that the diarrhea began to stop little by little over time, but if you do not notice any change, you should go to the specialist.

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Herbal treatment for diarrhea in children

There may be many medicines that are used to treat diarrhea in children, and one of the most important traditional methods that may bear fruit in getting rid of diarrhea is the use of herbs, the most important of which are:

fennel tea

  • It is prepared by mixing a teaspoon of ground fennel with hot water and leaving it for ten minutes, then served warm to the affected child if he is a baby, or you can put it in a bottle.

herbal tea

  • It is prepared using more than one herb, including:
    1. Four teaspoons of chamomile herb.
    2. Three teaspoons of mint.
    3. Four teaspoons of caraway.
    4. 8 teaspoons of fennel.
    5. A teaspoon of bitter orange peel.
  • The ingredients are ground and two teaspoons are taken with hot water and the mixture is shaken until mixed. It is served to the child about an hour before feeding.

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Treatment of diarrhea in children from the pharmacy

Diarrhea medicine is available in pharmacies in the form of syrup, capsules, or in the form of powder bags to be mixed with water. For children, capsules cannot be used.

There is a medicine that contains the active ingredient nitazoxanide, which is an anti-parasite that causes diarrhea.

Diosmectite is available in the form of sachets that make the stools firmer in children and it treats acute and chronic diarrhea, and it is used to treat diarrhea in children at the age of one year, and Kapact is a drug for the treatment of mild or moderate diarrhea.

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The best antibiotic to treat diarrhea in children

Entenal is one of the most famous antibiotics that can be used to treat diarrhea in children and adults alike. It contains the active substance niferoxazid, which is an antiseptic that eliminates intestinal bacteria.

Which is considered the most important cause of diarrhea, and it is the best treatment for diarrhea in children of two years old, in addition to the famous Smecta medicine bags in the treatment of diarrhea in children, in addition to making sure to give the child foods that contain fiber and sodium.

Flagyl is also available, which is an important antibiotic in the treatment of diarrhea in children as well and can be used in the treatment of diarrhea in children five years old

Or less if they cannot take the capsules. There is also Imodium. Orange juice, as well as sweets and dairy, should be avoided because of their laxative effect on the intestines.

Diarrhea treatment for 8 year olds

There are various treatment methods for treating diarrhea in children, and there are also easy, quick and natural methods at the same time, such as herbs or starch.

One of the most important ways to help stop diarrhea and stool consistency, but there are cases that may show other symptoms such as loss of appetite, weight loss, severe abdominal pain, as well as an increase in body temperature.

You can give the child some foods such as apples or a boiled cup of oats once a day, or you can give him two bananas and one boiled potato.

It should also focus on treating dehydration that affects the child as a result of diarrhea, which may be followed by serious matters that affect the child’s health, and the doctor recommends giving the child bags of anti-dehydration solution that contain certain concentrations of water, salts and glucose,

It is also necessary to compensate the body for the lost fluids such as water, apple juice and warm drinks that regulate the movement of the intestines and the digestive system again.

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After we discussed the incidence of diarrhea in children, we should not neglect the affected child, because diarrhea is a serious disease that may cause death if it is not treated properly.

We have now learned with you the methods of treating diarrhea in children so that you can use them if your child is infected.

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