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What are the ways to treat vertigo and dizziness


علاج الدوار والدوخة
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The treatment of vertigo and dizziness that many people feel varies according to the cause. Dizziness is a feeling of the world spinning around you. It may be accompanied by loss of balance sometimes, and it is often affected by the eyes and ears or affects them, and sometimes it leads to loss of consciousness. Despite that, dizziness is not a disease in itself, but rather It is a symptom of many diseases that the person who feels it may suffer from, learn more through the website Ocean.

Methods of treating vertigo and dizziness

There are many methods of treatment, including:

Medication treatment:

  • The use of water pills, which are intended for diuresis, which are useful in the case of Meniere’s disease, which affects the ear.
  • The treatment is accompanied by reducing the proportion of salt in food, to reduce water retention in the body.
  • Medicines that reduce dizziness, such as antihistamines.
  • As well as the anticholinergic used for the same purpose, and these two types cause drowsiness to take them.
  • Anti-anxiety drugs (Valium, Xanax) are among the preparations used, but a prescription is required due to their addictive potential, and they are also drowsy.
  • Migraine medications also work in reducing dizziness.

Surgical treatment:

There are simple surgeries that contribute to solving the problem, including:

  • Injecting the affected ear with gentamicin, a type of antibiotic, intended to disrupt the ear’s sense of balance.
  • You may undergo surgery to get rid of the sensory system in the ear, this procedure is known as labyrinthectomy, and this is only done if hearing is lost, and other methods have failed.

Changing posture treatment:

It is based on changing the position of the head, where:

  • Your doctor does a so-called Early maneuver, which repositions the canal, which is useful when you have paroxysmal vertigo.
  • You need to apply at least one of the treatment methods before using these maneuvers for maximum effectiveness.
  • Do not apply if you have problems with the retina, neck, back, or blood vessels.

Balance exercises:

  • They aim to reduce the sensitivity of the balance system to movement.
  • It is useful in the case of vertigo caused by problems with the vestibular nerve.


  • It is suitable for cases of anxiety disorders.
Vertigo and dizziness treatment
Vertigo and dizziness treatment

Tips when feeling dizzy and dizzy

There are some practices that you can follow if you feel dizzy, and they are as follows:

  • Watch out for the intensity of the feeling. If you see it as strong, sit down so you don’t fall and cause yourself other problems.
  • Don’t generally move suddenly, and if you need to, use a stick to help you stabilize.
  • If you feel dizzy, sit down immediately, close your eyes, and try to darken the area around you if the seizure is strong.
  • Do not attempt to drive any vehicle or operate machinery while dizzy.
  • Avoid excessive salt, preferably less than usual, and do not drink alcohol.
  • Stop smoking, drinking stimulants and caffeine.
  • Do not give your body the opportunity to be thirsty, and quench your body with water frequently.
  • Stay away from sleep problems, organize your sleep, and don’t stress your body.
  • If your dizziness is caused by a medicinal product, see your doctor to stop or replace it.
  • If you feel nauseous and dizzy, ask a specialist about antihistamines to take, such as meclizine and aldramin.
  • If you have a fever, apply compresses and reducer, and rest until you have regained your energy.

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Vertigo and dizziness treatment
Vertigo and dizziness treatment

What is the difference between vertigo and dizziness

Dizziness is not the same as vertigo. Rather, it is what causes you to become weak, faint, or imbalance during movement. Dizziness is a false feeling of dizziness, as:

  • Vertigo causes you to feel like there is abnormal movement around you, but without losing your balance.
  • Although dizziness is not dangerous, visits to doctors because of it are high.
  • Frequent or persistent episodes of dizziness could indicate a problem or affect your lifestyle.
  • Treatment depends on the cause, and with treatment the seizures stop, but they may come back again.

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Vertigo and dizziness treatment
Vertigo and dizziness treatment

Diagnosis of the causes of dizziness

Fortunately, dizziness is often not a symptom of something serious, and it can improve automatically within 14 days, with adaptation, as you:

  • If you do see your doctor, he or she will need to know your symptoms before prescribing medications to treat dizziness and to determine which medications you are taking on an ongoing basis.
  • You will be physically examined by seeing the way you walk and your body balance.
  • You will have some nerve function tests to determine if there is a problem.
  • Take audiometry and check the condition of the ear.
  • Balance tests such as eye tracking of a moving object.
  • The use of head movement (Dix-Holbeck) to confirm the presence of benign paroxysmal vertigo.
  • Other measurements of the balance systems in the body, and it is possible to undergo a resonance examination, and blood analyzes.

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Causes of dizziness and dizziness

Dizziness has many possibilities, and is caused by various disorders, as it can be caused by:

  • Inner ear problems, as it contains the vestibular nerve responsible for balance.
  • Motion sickness, a condition that a good percentage of people suffer from when they are in moving vehicles.
  • Taking medicines whose side effects are dizziness.
  • Weak structure and lack of blood supply in the body.
  • Problems with the eyes and sensory nerves.
  • Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, agoraphobia.
  • Anemia, and in this case dizziness will be accompanied by a feeling of fatigue, with pallor in the skin.
  • Low pressure problems.

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The treatment of dizziness and dizziness is simple, and it may not be mentioned in many cases, but nevertheless, attention must be paid to the times and severity of their occurrence, and to follow up with the doctor to ensure that there are no health problems that cause them,

In general, there is no need to worry about the symptoms, as they do not indicate a danger in most cases, and may not need any treatment to recover.



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