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Al Amal Addiction Hospital


مستشفي الأمل لعلاج الادمان
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hospital Hope to treat addictive via the site Ocean, Al-Amal Hospital is considered the highest and pioneer in the treatment of addiction and psychiatry, and compared to other hospitals, it is the first in treating addicts and patients in the Middle East, in addition to being superior in human, material, medical and specialized capabilities through experience and awareness and achieving a greater percentage of recovery and treatment of addiction. This is about Its motto is ‘Wherever you find hope, find life’.

General information about Al-Amal Hospital

Al Amal Addiction Hospital
Al Amal Addiction Hospital

Within 20 years, Al-Amal Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction was able to achieve tremendous success, As it obtained a certificate from the most important clients, which is a certificate of quality and trust,

This is because it has graduated thousands of drug addicts and other patients around the world.

In addition to that, Al-Amal Hospital has a medical, administrative, psychological, therapeutic, and nursing team that took responsibility and eventually succeeded with competence and experience, which makes it bear the slogan of success and progress in the treatment of drug addiction.

Al-Amal Hospital is not satisfied with that, as it is keen to constantly search for the best treatment programs that achieve an effective and successful result.

In addition to that, it provides many services, including: immediate analysis of drugs and viruses, and this service is also available in Al-Amal Hospital centers daily, 24 hours a day,

And support the hotline, as well as direct means of communication and social networking sites so that customer inquiries are answered throughout the day.

There is also a group of specialists in treating family and child psychological disorders, marital relationships and other addictions, in addition to a dental clinic.

There is also a special unit for the cost of treating Hepatitis C, and so far Al-Amal Hospital is keen on complete confidentiality and always works on the privacy of its customers,

The hospital has a special branch for the treatment of addiction in girls, and it is supervised by a women’s team in a separate and special center, which is a specialized and integrated team.

One of the most important features of this hospital is the presence of hotel restaurant services in a unique style at the main reception center, a garden with green spaces and a playground for patients.

In addition, the Foundation seeks, through its strategy, to expand its branches inside the world, especially in the Gulf region around the Arab world, through the representative office, and from the end of these branches is the October 6 branch, and the Dubai branch in the Emirates.

The ambitions of Al-Amal Hospital did not stop, but rather it seeks to develop this institution, as it seeks to establish many centers and clinics for mental disorders and diseases,

And join the therapeutic communities around the world, and also belong to many experts who meet with the whole community.

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Al-Amal Hospital Services

The current treatment programs are a distinct characteristic of Al-Amal Hospital, and this is by searching for the best treatment programs,

Which helps easily and effectively addiction treatment and among the programs that contribute to psychological and behavioral rehabilitation and make the patient’s journey easy, including full residence for men or women.

At Al-Amal Hospital, there are doctors of the highest level of professional and medical competence in their field, as they have enabled the change of reality into a reality that holds hope and the future for people recovering from addiction,

They also help the addict’s family to present how to deal with the addict during the treatment stages, and treatment begins with providing the necessary tests and analyzes for the patient to the medical team until it is evaluated and initialized,

A follow-up team has been established for the withdrawal purposes that result from the phase of expulsion of toxins from the body, and then the psychological team will rehabilitate the patient psychologically for treatment.

The patient’s enrollment in a rehabilitation house until it is the stage of psychological-behavioral rehabilitation or cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is the most important stage of drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

There are also many specialized doctors in outpatient follow-up clinics to follow up on the recovering addict after completing the treatment program, in order to prevent relapse and to provide advice and how to confront addiction.

Distinguished services provided by Al-Amal Hospital

Al Amal Addiction Hospital
Al Amal Addiction Hospital
  • Drug addiction treatment common in the Arab world, which is considered the most dangerous.
  • Treating psychological and mental disorders, providing marital counseling and family support.
  • Training privileges that give the trainee practical spaces inside the centers of hope.
  • The training program includes learning clinical, rehabilitative and relapsed skills.
  • Treatment of addiction to all kinds of narcotics, alcohol, and disorders.
  • Recovering mental illness related to addiction through psychiatric clinics.
  • Recovery of mental disorders related to children and adolescents.
  • The trainee progresses through the education and training program until it is approved.

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Al Amal Hospital Branches

6th of October Branch: The October Branch is one of the nascent branches that serves customers within the October area and the suburbs of Giza and its neighboring governorates such as Fayoum,

It is a building that accommodates a large number of patients and has many doctors specializing in addiction treatment and psychiatry. It also provides follow-up services from abroad and family counseling,

And outpatient clinics that provide treatment systems for all ages and social levels, and this is a strong addition to the branches that are located in the Greater Cairo area.

Emirates Branch: It is well known that Al Amal Hospital is the home of hope for addiction treatment in Dubai, and it is the first integrated hospital in the Gulf countries to take a distinguished residence,

It also offers the latest methods and systems for addiction treatment, in addition to having succeeded in introducing the behavioral treatment system, which made it obtain the largest percentage of addiction recovery in the world.

It also provides suites and rooms to suit all tastes and levels, and recreational facilities including green spaces and a playground.

Al-Amal Hospital for Addiction Treatment, as it always works to be the leading institution in the field of addiction treatment and psychiatry, in addition to being the only institution in the Arab world that works in both regional forms,

It is also considered the owner of the largest therapeutic results during the past 10 years in the field of addiction and psychiatry.



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