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The best frozen chicken in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and some other countries


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Scientific research reveals Best frozen chicken It can be relied upon without fear, and despite the spread of rumors among people about the danger of eating frozen chicken, the sale is still going on in abundance all over the world, and we must ensure its health before eating it, so we ask therapeutic nutrition experts to fully examine the types and names of poultry to ensure its suitability for eating, and that before the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Best frozen chicken in Egypt

In Egypt, rumors circulated about Best frozen chicken and the viability of frozen poultry or frozen dried vegetables and meat.

Although there are concerns about the validity of frozen foodstuffs, there have been reports about the validity of poultry saying that it has a high nutritional value, and therefore the state issued outlets for the armed forces.

This was also proven by some citizens through their use of these food products from poultry and frozen meat, and they emphasized that they are from Best frozen chicken It does not compare to the products of merchants and butchers that sell at very expensive prices.

As for the price of these food products, it is reasonable and affordable for everyone and fits our budgets.

Frozen chicken price in Egypt 2021

Best frozen chicken
Best frozen chicken

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Since frozen poultry prices are stable in Egypt with brands such as:

  • National.
  • Koki.
  • confectioner
  • Carrefour.
  • pastures.
  • Hassan and Hussein.
  • Fresh.
  • spices.
  • Sierra.
  • Swiss Choice and Sadia.

So we explain with you Best frozen chicken And Carrefour’s strong offers on food and frozen foods from meat and poultry, as they differ according to different poultry companies.

Al Hassan and Al Hussein poultry prices:

  • Joker coarse minced meat 300 grams at 27.75 EGP.
  • Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein family coarse minced meat 900 grams at 62.25 EGP.

Prices of poultry and pasture meat:

  • Almarai minced meat, coarse, 300 grams, at 36.45 pounds.
  • Almarai minced meat, coarse, 700 grams, at 78.95 pounds.

Frozen turkey prices:

  • Turkey fillet price per kilo 69 EGP.
  • Turkey turkey price per kilo 110 EGP.

Atyab Poultry Prices and Types:

  • Atyab chicken shawarma 350 grams at 92.95 EGP.
  • Shish tawook 400 grams at 55.95 EGP
  • Atyab Shish Tawook 1k gram at 119.95 EGP.

Best frozen chicken Kamel in Kuwait

Taiba chicken is one of the best and finest types of chicken in Kuwait, because these chickens are fed on herbs and vegetable feed free of any artificial additives or preservatives.

It is corn and soybeans, good healthy and safe chicken, this type of chicken is chunky, tender and ideal for grilling and roasting.

Taiba Company for Frozen and Fresh Poultry

Since people in Kuwait do not mind buying the most expensive food products, Taiba Chicken Company has provided the best food products from frozen poultry to satisfy the consumer’s desires to obtain the finest and healthiest types of chicken.

Among the quality and nutritional value specifications of the company’s chicken is the texture, shape, smell and final taste of the chicken. The consumer knows the viability of poultry from the external appearance of the chicken.

In accordance with Islamic Sharia law, the company ensures that the chickens are slaughtered in a legal manner, resulting in chickens of good appearance, color and flavour.

It increases the chances of consumers becoming interested in the product, as Tiba Poultry Company guarantees high efficiency and quality products.

Best frozen chicken imported

Best frozen chicken
Best frozen chicken

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count some Best frozen chicken He is the importer. In some years, the government decided to lift customs duties on imported poultry to be available in the hands of users, a decision that fresh poultry traders objected to.

Although the Health Supervision of the College of Veterinary Medicine stresses the importance of eating municipal chicken, it stresses the need to investigate the health of frozen poultry sources and to eat them in the correct ways.

Nevertheless, the censorship clarifies some of the harms of frozen poultry, which are:

  • There are some live microorganisms that remain in poultry when they are kept during the freezing process.
  • Possibility of infection of poultry with diseases that are not distinguished after slaughter and freezing, which affect human health.
  • Poor storage when transported frozen from some companies to traders and consumers, which leads to the formation of bacteria in it.
  • The dependence of poultry growth on harmful hormones that help in its rapid growth.

Best frozen chicken Without hormones in Saudi Arabia

Best frozen chicken In Saudi Arabia, the one that does not contain hormones that increase its size; It does not affect the taste of the food that is prepared from it.

It is one of the poultry that is safe for human health, and there are two types of these frozen poultry that do not contain hormones, they are:

Fakieh chicken without hormones

It is distinguished as it is slaughtered on the same day it is cooked, so it is considered one of the best frozen chicken, because it is free of hormones, and it is available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its price is suitable for everyone, and it is available in a variety of sizes to suit the different numbers of family members.

Golden broiler chicken without hormones

It is one of the best frozen chicken and also free of harmful hormones, but it is not available in abundance.

From the best frozen chicken, Al Watania chicken

Al Watania chilled chicken is one of the best chilled chicken, and it comes in two forms:

  • Chicken pieces.
  • Whole chicken.

It is also free of hormones and preservatives, so it has a delicious taste.

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Brazilian frozen chicken types in Saudi Arabia

From Best frozen chicken Brazilian chicken, which is widespread in Saudi Arabia; It imports it annually in large quantities.

This is done by contracting with companies inside the Kingdom in order to provide consumers’ demands and meet their annual needs. Brazilian chicken types include:

  • Brazilian Crescent Chicken.
  • Brazilian chicken.

How to get rid of frozen chicken hormones

White poultry is one of the most poultry that has a high percentage of unhealthy hormones and preservatives, and because of this, poultry becomes overweight.

This is because it contains water that is harmful to the human body, so we show you how to get rid of hormones or reduce their percentage before eating them to get the best frozen chicken.

  • Soak chicken in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for at least two hours.
  • Or soak chicken in two tablespoons of vinegar and add rosemary to the soaking water for at least two hours, and rosemary is known for its many health benefits..

Best frozen chicken without a smell

Best frozen chicken
Best frozen chicken

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Since the most important step in cooking chicken to serve it with the most delicious taste is to eliminate the smell of wheezing, getting Best frozen chicken Without Zaffarah, it must be washed and cleaned by one of the following steps:

  • Wash the chicken and soak it in white vinegar and water for at least half an hour, then rinse it well and prepare it for cooking.
  • Soak the chicken, wash it, then put it on the fire with the addition of aromatic ingredients to eliminate the smell of wheezing, and add an onion cut into four pieces in the boiling water.
  • Marinate the chicken and rub it with salt, vinegar and lemon for a quarter of an hour, then wash it well before preparing it for cooking.
  • Wash the chicken with salt and flour (flour) for a quarter of an hour, then rinse and cook.

Finally, it has been clarified Best frozen chicken In Egypt and some countries, according to some scientific studies announced by the Health Control Authority.

In addition to the best types, prices and offers offered by some companies such as Carrefour, ways to get rid of harmful hormones, and ways to clean chicken with healthy steps to eliminate the microbes inside, we hope that you have benefited from this information.



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