10 Photographic Stories That Challenge Your Worldview

This week, you May to get understood, marked a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic – a whole year that our daily lives in the United States have been disrupted. As we struggle with birthdays and what that means, people look forward to spending more time outside with their loved ones when spring and more vacations arrive. We looked back on a year of the coronavirus pandemic and saw how emotional it was. National Geographic asked photographers from around the world to share their reflections. Celeste sloman he photographed a community in New Mexico where his teens were struggling with their mental health, and they had an uptick in suicide attempts after a year of being isolated from their peers.

Tara Wray it took a year of uncertainty with his family with his camera, meanwhile Harry Borden has a new book on what it means to be a single father. For one last look at winter, please enjoy Elena AnosovaPortraits of people on the ice of the famous Lake Baikal in Russia. Photographer Pilar Olivares told the story of Brazilian women who abuse their intimate partners in private, and Spray Naqvi she learned to love her city by photographing it last year.

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